Expert guidance during life’s final months.

The final months of life can be more fulfilling with a palliative approach to your care. “Palliative” means providing relief from symptoms and stress of an illness rather than treating the illness itself. As you or a loved one focus on goals and wishes, the experienced team from Chaplaincy Hospice Care add guidance, comfort and quality to each day. You can receive expert medical care, as well as emotional and spiritual support, wherever you call home.


  • Treatment and prevention of symptoms, such as pain, anxiety or agitation.
  • Education for family members and help with choosing care options.
  • Doctors, nurses, home health aides and others help meet your needs.
  • Prescriptions, equipment and supplies related to your hospice plan of care are covered in full.
  • Social workers and chaplains offer emotional and spiritual support to the whole family.

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Who is eligible for hospice care?

Chaplaincy Hospice Care is for anyone in the advanced stages of any life-limiting illness. Hospice patients have a limited life expectancy and agree to receive care designed for comfort rather than a cure.

How is hospice care paid for?

Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance typically covers hospice care in full – including home visits by the Chaplaincy Hospice Care team, as well as prescriptions, equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis.

How do I begin service?

The best way is to call us directly at (509) 783-7416 to discuss your exact needs and how we may be able to help. You can refer yourself or a family member to Chaplaincy Hospice Care. We’re available by phone 24/7.

Aren’t all hospice providers the same?

Absolutely not. You won’t find a provider in our region more experienced than Chaplaincy Hospice Care. Our heritage began in 1971 and we continue to bring expert guidance, comfort and peace to body, mind and spirit.

“My husband’s last months were among his best.”

“It’s odd to think that dying could be a positive experience. But thanks to the excellent care and compassion of Chaplaincy Hospice Care, my husband Bob was able to stay comfortably at home, doing what he loved, surrounded by those who loved him.”