Ribbons of Remembrance

Remember someone special with a gift to Chaplaincy Health Care.

Dedicate your gift in honor of someone you appreciate or in memory of someone you miss this holiday season.

Your gift of $25 or more will work throughout the year, helping hospice patients live their last days in comfort and dignity, surrounded by the people they love. In recognition of each gift, a ribbon will be tied to our holiday tree, and the name you provide will be placed on our virtual remembrance wall.

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Donations have been made to Chaplaincy Health Care 2020 Ribbons of Remembrance campaign in honor and memory of the following:

In Honor & Memory Of:

Donation By:

Dorothy  Abekn Mike & Aimee Bergeson
Tom  Abrams Mary Moen
Hugh  Adams Don & Carol Harris
Gilberta  Alt-Oligher Susan Hultman
Karl  Anderson Barbara Anderson
Gaylord  Appleford Tracy & Lee Campbell
Patricia  Appleford Tracy & Lee Campbell
Althea  Barton Carla & Jack Barton
Lee  Behrens Maryden Behrens
Elsie  Bigelow Margarete Flemming
Ron  Bliss Vonnie Bliss
Terry Bowers Joan Standley
Cecil  Boyd Bill & Ava Lauby
Ingebog  Boyd Bill & Ava Lauby
Robin  Boyd Bill & Ava Lauby
Derek  Brandes Ellwood & Henriette Reim
Mary  Bridges Charles & Julie Coleman
Julie  Britt Lois Petty
Bryan  Britton Debie & Bruce Britton
Jim  Bullis Judy Bullis
Gene  Carbaugh Ron Kathren
Susan  Carbaugh Ron Kathren
Dennis  Carl Judy Carl
Mary  Carstens Sue Carstens
Katherine  Chaperon David O’Brien
Bernard  Chapman Mike & Aimee Bergeson
Richard  Chapman Mike & Aimee Bergeson
Richard  Chapman Mike & Aimee Bergeson
Rose  Chen Lynda Chen
Joel  Cloe John & Dara Foster
Rev. Bruce  Cornely Ellen Cornely
Kerry  Cottrell Sr. Pauline Cottrell
Jane  Danz Sylvia Halverson
Patrocenia  Daugherty Jim Daugherty
Betty Jean  Davisson Debie & Bruce Britton
Don  Dean Robert Rosselli
Dora  Dean Robert Rosselli
Chester  Delvalle Tom & Ann Autrey
Julia  Devalle Tom & Ann Autrey
Wanda  Doescher Dee Chapman
Randy  Dolven Pat Pfeifer
Suzanne Ehlers Shirley Larson
Suzanne  Ehlers Nancy Edgar
Pablo  Esquivel Chris Rogerson
Janet L.  Ettles Shanda Icayan
Sandi  Foley Sherri Freitag
Lorna  Good Michelle Good
Katie  Hager Judy Douglas
Bryan  Halazon Dennis & Patty Whitaker
Frances  Halverson Michelle Good
Dorthea  Harding Ed Harding
Shirley  Hartwig Robert Hartwig
AnitaHaven Cheryl Haven
Don  Haven Cheryl Haven
Denny  Hayden Robert Cowan
Anna Mae  Herr Christine Herr
Paul C.  Herr Christine Herr
Chester  Hickman Don & Carol Harris
Ronna  Hill Jackie Ellig
Ronna  Hill Altha Perry
Darsi Jo  Hilty Connie Hilty
Marcia  Hoffman Chris Rogerson
Yu-Jing C.  Huang Jason and Fong Keng-Highberger
Yu-Jing C.  Huang Tammy Lee
Raymond  Hultman Susan Hultman
Diane  Hutton Laurie Hutton
Todd  Hyde Judy Rhoades
Peggy  Jensen Keith & Kristine Jensen Benguiat
Carole  Johnson Tracey Waldron
Judy  Johnson Sherri Freitag
Karl Eric   (Poppa)Johnson Sarah Sue Ellen and Bonnie Johnson
Linda  Johnson Gary Johsnon
WM  Johnston Betty Johnston
Elaine Jorgenson Carla Frimodt
Joseph  Jorgenson Carla Frimodt
Billie  Keeton Rama Tramel
Ramona  Kelly John & Dara Foster
Ed  Ketel Don & Carol Harris
Bill  Knirck Teresa Knirck
Phillip  Kraemer Kathy and Ken K Kraemer
Larry  Linney Susan Linney
Eudean Lohse Brock Lohse
Kathy  Longwell Rama Tramel
Paul  McKinnon Dolores McKinnon
Walter  McQueen Julie & Rodney Burns
Leslie  Merrill Sherri Freitag
Marty  Miles Linda & Steven Proctor
Daniel  Mixon Vicki Brunnell
Jack  Mixon Vicki Brunnell
Sue  Mixon Vicki Brunnell
Richard  Moen Mary Moen
Alice  Munson Karen King
Maureen  Neidhold Patty Winston
Gary  Nelson Mary Nelson
Marjorie  Nelson Robert Givin
Ruth  Nelson Steve Nelson
Una   Neuberger Dick & Loretta Grudt
Neil  Norman Jan Norman
Carolina  Ortiz Cruz & Odilia Resendez
Jose  Ortiz Cruz & Odilia Resendez
Robert  Owen James Owen
Edith  Pauley Kim & Susan Pauley
Ruby  Pettett Christine Herr
Elizabeth  Phillippi Carla & Jack Barton
Charlene  Potter Chris Rogerson
James  Powell Christa Powell
Joann  Preston Michele & Brent Preston
S. W. (Bill)  Preston Michele & Brent Preston
Myranda Brook  Reed Richard & Melody Reed
Philip ‘Rick’ Riccobuono J. C. Riccobuono
David Rivera Maria Rivera
Wilma  Robinson Burgess Joan Standley
Delma  Ross Williams Cynthia & Doug Muse
Carrie  Rosselli Robert Rosselli
Ralph Rosselli Robert Rosselli
W. C. (Bill)  Rossiter Michele & Brent Preston
Brownie  Sandberg Sue Sandberg
USMC Sgt. Dietrich  Schmieman Eric & Susan Schmieman
Muriel  Sears Gail Sears
George  Sehmal Mary Moen
Charles  Shatell Don & Carol Harris
Pauline  Sims John & Dara Foster
Jim  Skoog Linda & Steven Proctor
James  Skucy Karen King
Matthew  Sollender Steve Nelson
Lanny  Spriggle Viola Baddley
Chaplaincy Staff Valerie Eveland
Katie  Sullivan Anonymous
Rick  Tramel Rama Tramel
Traci  Valdez Jose Valdez
Roscoe  Wade Joan Standley
Brittany  Waldron Tracey Waldron
Chuck  Westlund Barbara Westlund
Ina Mae  Wicks Don Wicks
Pat  Widhelm Anonymous
Robert H.  Willer Donna Willer
John  Winkler Bonnie Kniveton
Justine  Winkler Bonnie Kniveton
Wanda  Wise Janice Sola
Melodie  Witherspoon Ron Kathren
Wiley  Witherspoon Ron Kathren
Mary  Zeigler Richard & Barbara Black
Ron Allen  Ziobro Donna Ziobro
Don  Zoda Anonymous
Kay  Zoda Anonymous


Tim Cashman

Adelaide Cashman

Yu-Jing C. Huang

Glory Ludwick

Karl E. Johnson

Rob Johnson

Ralph Lobsinger

Valerie Lobsinger

Kenneth Miller

Zelma Miller

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