Ribbons of Remembrance

Remember someone special with a gift to Chaplaincy Health Care.

Dedicate your gift in honor of someone you appreciate or in memory of someone you miss this holiday season.

Your gift of $25 or more will work throughout the year, helping hospice patients live their last days in comfort and dignity, surrounded by the people they love. In recognition of each gift, a ribbon will be tied to our holiday tree, and the name you provide will be placed on our virtual remembrance wall.

Donate Today

Donations have been made to Chaplaincy Health Care 2022 Ribbons of Remembrance campaign in honor and memory of the following:

Richard Balthazor Terrie Balthazor
Joyce Bangert Paul & Sandy Henckel
Karen Bierschenk Noel & Nancy  Kerr
Jim Bovingdon Beverly  Bovingdon
Virginia Marie Brisky Ken & Carol Grittner
Richard Brodaczynski Gwen Brodaczynski
Caryn A.  Brown Carla Frimodt
Robert C.  Brown R. Gregory Brown
Bud Brown Teresa  Brown
Jim Bullis Judy Bullis
Bobbe Burnside Caryle Brown
Marv Carstens Sue Carstens
Tim Cashman Adelaide Cashman
Virginia Casqueiro Brenda Casqueiro
Clifford E.  Chartrand, Jr Carol Chartrand
Joel Cloe John & Dara Foster
Steve Conrads Pat Gary
Walter Crawford Brittany & Linda Crawford
Betty Jean Davisson Debie & Bruce Britton
Donald & Dora Dean Robert & Nancy Rosselli
Yvonne Dejean Nadine Willis
Clark Denise Mary Denise
Opal DeVine Teresa Knirck
Opal  DeVine Marlys McDermott
Jan  Don Geraldine Don
John Fabian Gerald & Maureen Ritter
Dana Fishback Teresa Knirck
Sandy Foley Sherri & Todd Freitag
John Forsberg Pamela Kitchen
Ken  Forsberg Pamela Kitchen
Lloyd Frakes Loydeen Fiddes
Sue Frakes Loydeen Fiddes
Virginia   Frakes Loydeen Fiddes
James Fredericks Cathy Fredericks
Arinda Gary Pat Gary
Walter Gary Pat Gary
Gladys Good Joyce Francis
Lorna Good Michelle Good
Donna Hall
*In Honor Of
Russell Wagner
Bryce Hall Sherri & Todd Freitag
Frances Halverson Michelle Good
Donald Glen Hammer Judy M. Kurack
Jean Hammer Judy M. Kurack
Gwen Harder Dixie Hutson
Dorothea Y.  Harding Ed Harding
Larry Thomas Harrold Gerald & Maureen Ritter
Larry Hoffman Toni & Alan Hille
Mary Jean  Hoffman Toni & Alan Hille
Jerry  Holm Mary Jo Moen
Tom Hutson Dixie Hutson
Toni  Jaraczeski Lynae Jaraczeski
Lois Johnson Keith Johnson
Linda Johnson Gary Johnson
Carol Johnson Mary Jo Moen
Roger Johnson Mary Jo Moen
Judy  Johnson Sherri & Todd Freitag
Joe & Elaine Jorgenson Carla Frimodt
Marie Joseph Clyde Joseph
Ramona Kelly John & Dara Foster
Alan Kent Toni & Alan Hille
Arthur Klinginsmith Joyce Francis
Arthur Klinginsmith Teresa Brown
Jan  Klinginsmith Teresa  Brown
Bill  Knirck Teresa  Knirck
Uncle David Krueger Diane Lewinski
Alta Lambie Beverly Bovingdon
Molly Lavy Bradley Lavy
Mike Lawrence Ronald Kathren
Mike  Lawrence Sharon Gittleman
Donn Lehfeldt Carole Lehfeldt
Jeff Lemar Pamela Dawson
Mike lLawrence Pamela Dawson
Ralph Lobsinger Jacqueline Lobsinger
Donald Mason Elizabeth & Kirk Smith Garrison
Richard   Mayer Marlys Mayer
Arline Mayer John DeSteese
Mike McDermott Marlys McDermott
Daniel Mixon Vicki Brunell
Jack Mixon Vicki Brunell
Sue Mixon Vicki Brunell
Richard “Dick” Moen Gerald & Maureen Ritter
Richard “Dick” Moen Mary Jo Moen
Robin Moore Brad & Merrie Schilperoort
Barbara Moorman Darrell & Jean Moorman
 Myron McConnell Gloria McConnell
Boots Margaret Narragon Loreen Snider
Ruth Nelson Steve  Nelson
Neil Norman Jan Norman
Ragnar & Mary Nowakowski Darrell & Jean Moorman
David Ortiz Odilia Resendez
Ofilia Ortiz Odilia Resendez
Jose & Carolina Ortiz Odilia Resendez
Oveda Pearson Janet Urza
Ben Peng
*In Honor Of
Ronald Kathren
Richard “Dick” Plows Dana Munn
Dennis Poland Kendra Hilberg
Dennis Poland Steve Hilberg
Dr. Richard Polehn J. Polehn
Richard Powers Carla & Jack Barton
 Robert C. Brown Nancy Odegard
Clara Robertson Douglas Robertson
Delma Ross Williams Muse Family 
Ralph & Carrie Rosselli Robert & Nancy Rosselli
Lois Saget Pierre Saget
Robert Roy Schaeffer Francine &  Mike Waltman
Judy  Schuyler Mary Jo Moen
Raymond Schwartz Betty Jean Schwartz
George Sehmel Mary Jo Moen
Dennis Sherrell Susan Sherrell
Steven Sherrell Susan Sherrell
Pauline Sims John & Dara Foster
Matthew Sollender Steve Nelson
Fred Still Brenda Still
Ella Still Michelle Coy
Roy Still Michelle Coy
Claude (Willie) Sutton Barbara Sutton
Doris Switzer Carole  Lehfeldt
Oscar Tanji Teresa Brown
Shirley Imogen Taylor Zoe Diaz
Harvey Tenny Linda Tenny
Pop-Pop Tenny Linda Tenny
Alan Walker Ellen Le Vee
Herman Waltman Francine &  Mike Waltman
Jim Weber Mary Jo Moen
Gordon & Linda Westerfield Roberta Kinney
Ward & Lola Westerfield Roberta Kinney
Robert (Bill) Westerfield Roberta Kinney
Chuck Westlund Barbara Westlund
Dr. Harvey Willenberg John  DeSteese
Lawrence Winsor Lavina Winsor
Wiley Witherspoon
*In Honor Of
Ronald Kathren
Sam Wood Carole Lehfeldt
Ben Wyrick Brad & Merrie Schilperoort
Rod Yoder Natalie Hieb
Grade Yoder Natalie Hieb
Larry  John & Dianna Propson
Loretha  John & Dianna Propson
Lori  Ralph Nielsen
Maureen  Ralph Nielsen
Corrine  Wayne & Carol Miller
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