Ribbons of Remembrance

Remember someone special with a gift to Chaplaincy Health Care.

Dedicate your gift in honor of someone you appreciate or in memory of someone you miss this holiday season.

Your gift of $25 or more will work throughout the year, helping hospice patients live their last days in comfort and dignity, surrounded by the people they love. In recognition of each gift, a ribbon will be tied to our holiday tree, and the name you provide will be placed on our virtual remembrance wall.

Donate Today

Donations have been made to Chaplaincy Health Care 2021 Ribbons of Remembrance campaign in honor and memory of the following:


Christy Allen
In honor

Carol Krohn
Richard  Brodaczynski Gwen  Brodaczynski
Bod Brown Teresa Brown
Dale  Brown Shirly & Keith Marsh
Jim Bullis Judy Bullis
Jerome Calvey Sophie Calvey
Brendan Calvey Sophie Calvey
Ruth  Cannon Valjeanne & Lonnie  Meadows
Dr. David Carroll Richard & Christine Grantham
Marv Carstens Sue Carstens
Betty Cerrillo Deanne  Wiley
Steve Chandler Anita Fabre
Elisabeth Cuello Richard & Christine Grantham
Clark Denise Mary L. Denise
John C.  Duncan Erik & Barbara Lau
Russel Fabre Anita Fabre
Jim Fiddes Mary  Smithson
James Fiddes Loydeen Fiddes
Emile  Fillion Aline Fillion
Leroy  Friday Erik & Barbara Lau
Jack  Holden Diane Holden
Lucille  Holden Diane Holden
Jim  Holden Diane Holden
Wesley Ingersoll Vickie & Gary Marquardt
Lillian Jacobs  Karin  Nickola
Joseph and Elaine  Jorgenson Carla Frimodt
Jan Klingersmith Teresa Brown
Lucille Knutson Karin  Nickola
Molly  Lavy Bradley Lavy
Ralph Lobsinger Jacqueline  Lobsinger
Kathleen Mack John Mack
Harry  McRoberts Shirly & Keith Marsh
Wayne  Moreau Jeffrey & Deborah Dihel
Dr. Richard Polehn Jeanie Polehn
Myranda  Reed Richard & Melody Reed
Amy Reser
In honor
Carol Krohn
Pat Sanders Anne Doyle
Mary A.  Scott Scott & Lynne Philips
David  Sheldon Lori Byrd
Ken Silliman Vickie & Gary Marquardt
Matthew  Sollender Steve Nelson
Robert Space Gloria Space
Carol Stanfield Bishop Karin  Nickola
Mark Leroy  Stevens Erik & Barbara Lau
Ella Still Michelle Coy
Willa  Stockle Jeffrey & Deborah Dihel
Sheila Sullivan Richard & Christine Grantham
Oscar Tanji Teresa Brown
Craig Timmons
In honor
Carol Krohn
Doris Yuckert Frank & Lindell Smith 
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Donations are tax deductible as provided by law.