For hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years, artists have used their art to express human despair, find meaning in life and transcend their own emotional struggles. Even the most world-renowned artists have found relief from fears, anxiety, depression and found a new meaning in life through their artistic expression. Twentieth-century realist painter and printmaker, Edward Hopper, stated, “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”  Seattle artist and writer, Jaeda DeWalt encapsulates the value of healing artwork, “My art is largely made up of my pain; re-framed, redesigned and repurposed. It is a mutually beneficial experience for both the creator and the beholder. Transformative healing is a beautiful process.” Creating artwork following a great loss can be therapeutic, helping to release pain, stress, and express emotions. When words become difficult to form in communicating the deep indescribable emotions, art can help you understand yourself better and help bring closure to grief.

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“If Walls Could Talk”
An emotionally powerful room at Cork’s Place utilizing free form paint. 15 years of grief and healing splattered on the walls and ceiling.

At Chaplaincy Cork’s Place, we know that there are times when grief has no words, especially for children and teens who may not know how to express the sadness and loss they are feeling. Cork’s Place, the only grief support facility in the Tri-City community specifically designed for children and teens, ages 3-17, offers a safe space to explore feelings of grief and loss in a variety of ways – and paint is a popular medium for many of them.

The annual HeART of Healing benefit for Cork’s Place features original artwork created by local children and teens, who have chosen to express or demonstrate what grief, loss and healing means to them. By attending the event, you will witness not only the pain but also the healing journey of grief through the eyes of a child. Unique and one-of-a-kind art pieces created by Cork’s Place kids will be available for purchase.

Coming together, even when we’re apart

Since we cannot be together in person this year, we have come up with two fun ways for you to participate and support this unique program. Beginning September 7 – 18 you will have the opportunity the bid on beautiful artwork created by children and teens in the Cork’s Place program, and a variety of fabulous packages from local businesses. On September 18th, tune in to our 40-minute virtual event to learn more about this life-changing program, hear from the children and families about the impact Cork’s has had on their lives, enjoy a special performance by local musician, Gabe Knutzen, and hear about how the program is shifting to a virtual platform.

With your support, we can make a lasting and life-changing impact on families in our community!


“My Faded Heart”
Grief can be extremely complicated. For some children, thier grief is buried deep below their home, school, and personal challenges. Tucked away, hidden, faded until they have an opportunity to express it.

“My Faded Heart” and “If Walls Could Talk” will be available for purchase. Auction opens Monday, September 7 and will conclude Friday, September 18.

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