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Expert guidance for coping, comfort and healing in times of crisis.

A medical or personal crisis impacts and stresses the whole person. Professional chaplains help connect the body to the mind and inner spirit, especially when under stress. Because research shows that most people use their personal faith to help manage in critical times, we bridge cultural and religious differences and encourage your individual spiritual beliefs as you experience both the blessings and brokenness of human life.  Nurturing the soul through a distressing time helps you move from uncertainty to understanding, from illness or injury toward recovery, or from living to a dignified dying.

  • Our chaplains are professionally trained, experienced and qualified to work in a variety of clinical settings and correctional facilities. Many are board-certified.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management is available to organizations after a traumatic event, community crisis or employee death.
  • Our chaplains come from a wide range of denominations, and serve people in crisis regardless of their faith or religious affiliation, including those with no faith. They encourage the spiritual resources and faith tradition or personal philosophy of each individual.

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Where do your Chaplains work?

The professional chaplains from Chaplaincy Health Care provide support and guidance in a variety of organizational settings. We currently have chaplain service contracts with Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Trios Health, the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, and the Juvenile Justice Center. Several chaplains work exclusively in our hospice program as part of the hospice care team.

How do Chaplains help after a crisis or traumatic event?

Our chaplains help people cope with the immediate impact of the difficult experiences. This is done by helping those impacted use their own personal resources to begin managing and making sense of what has happened. Second, depending on the situation, they use their expertise to supplement those inner resources with additional encouragement, suggestions, and guidance to orient the individuals in a healing direction in their lives.

Do you offer training for Chaplains?

Yes. Chaplaincy Health Care offers Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) through two 24-week extended (part-time) units a year. A typical week in one of the extended units is divided between 5 hours of peer group seminar and 11 – 12 hours of clinical time at one of the settings where staff chaplains work.

Our Center has been a nationally accredited Clinical Pastoral Education training center for over 30 years. Chaplains trained here have been successful in getting their professional certification and working in health care systems throughout the Northwest.

For more information about CPE, please contact us.

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